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Have the suppliers come to you.
Time is too precious to be wasted on endless online searches for service providers to do errands at home for you. Plus, haggling on quotes is a hassle too! With Khidmeh App, getting a wide range of home errands done is just a click away. Our reliable service partners will come to you with their best bids and all you have to do is choose. Quick and easy!
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Get the best price in the market
You will get different offers from different rated suppliers, so you can pick the best one to do the job with the best price accordingly.
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Real Time Services
Who doesn’t hate being stood up? We do too! With Khidmeh App, you get zero-chance of booking an overbooked service provider. Speak directly with the vendors, in real time, and book a schedule that suits you best – so you get the service you need when you need it.
Extra Features

…and more reasons why you should download now!

Verified & Rated Service Providers
Khidmeh partners only with well-trained, experienced, trustworthy, and verified service providers. Our pool of service providers have been background checked and our quality process means that no matter what, you’ll be satisfied with the work done.
No time for bids, book instantly.
We understand that there are errands that can’t wait longer and needed to be done instantly so we’ve come up with a solution to that! No need to post a job or wait for bids, simply click VIS (very instant service) and we’ll connect you to a service provider instantly.
User Friendly Interface

Complicated is just a status – it shouldn’t be how an app works! Simple, easy, straightforward – these are the words that define Khidmeh App. No fuss, no manual needed.
How Khidmeh App Works.
Download App

Download Khidmeh app, and post a job

Get Bids 

Start receiving bids or

pick a supplier instantly

Pick A Supplier

Go through bids, prices and reviews and pick the right supplier


Moving office? Shifting home? Just bring yourself and let the professionals do the packing and moving of your personal items, furniture, and luggage safely and easily.


Click and get connected to a service provider instantly without needing to post a job and wait for bids.


Professional electronic technicians handling a wide range of electronic repair and maintenance services of mobile phones, computer, laptop, printer, game console etc., in the UAE.


Professional installation of CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras for your security and safety.


Add a splash of colour to your wall. No wall is too big or too small for our professional interior and exterior painters.


Safety comes first, so electrical works are best left to the experts. From socket replacement to new electrical line installation, let the professional electricians handle it.

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Business Developer

“This is huge  jump in UAE’S service market, as a  business developer this app will give us a new pipeline of hot hot leads ready to be closed.”

Tony Williams
Business Owner

“Connecting directly with customers and creating a relationship with them has helped us grow our business in ways we weren’t able to before.”

Download Khidmeh APP

Start today and get the best services while saving big on time and money!

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If you have any more questions please email us on info@khidmeh.com

Download the app. Create an account. Select the service you need. Post the job and see quotes from different vendors.

You can find the service providers and go through their ratings, when you find the ones that is the best fit you can contact them through the App.

Our trusted and verified service providers are from all parts of the UAE. We are constantly adding new service providers from new locations to ensure we are updated and as comprehensive as possible.

You can place an order for any service request from our list. If you wish to get multiple errands run, you can open as many orders as you need too.

You can cancel your order provided the service provider hasn’t started working on it. For more information please mail us at info@khidmeh.com