Need An AC Service Company? Here’re The Questions You Should Be Asking!

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The weather in Dubai can be extremely high especially during the summer season and it won’t be unusual to reach for the AC remote all year round. Your AC units at home (and in the office) is one appliance that you cannot live without here and one that you wouldn’t want to malfunction.  A malfunctioning air conditioning unit is probably one of the worst things that could happen during summertime when you can even cook an egg on the pavement outside. If you don’t want to find yourself sweating and stuck with a malfunctioning AC, it’s best to have an AC service company that will fix and maintain the performance of your AC.


The AC is probably the most hardworking appliance in most Dubai homes and it is for your convenience and comfort if you have an AC service company that you can call anytime. There are a lot of AC Service Company in Dubai and filtering the best one that will deliver your expected service may not be as easy.  Here are a few tips to help you go through the process of hiring a realiable AC service company:


  1. Experience counts a lot.

This is one qualification that you should not, ever, take for granted. Find out and check the experience history of the AC service company you’re considering as well as its technicians. You would want your AC unit to work to its maximum capacity and you wouldn’t want it breaking down whenever it does. You shouldn’t see your technician again at least for the whole duration of summer, right? Ensure you hire an AC service company with technicians that have sufficient experience in dealing with various AC troubles and issues. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from the company or its technicians like;  are they general handymen or specialist AC technicians?  Have they worked with a specific air-conditioning unit before and what are they? How long have they been doing AC maintenance in Dubai? Are they licensed?


  1. Research counts too.

We understand that you’re hiring an AC service company so a specialist can fix and maintain your AC unit.  However, it would be wiser to have some background knowledge on your most used appliance. Get to know some basic terms so you’d at least understand what the technician is talking about, or at least pretend you do.


  1. Listen to what others say.

Read reviews and take some time to listen to what others has to say.  Chances are, you’ll be able to filter the good service providers from the bad ones. The feedbacks will provide you with insights on the quality of service of AC maintenance companies in the region. Nowadays, both happy and unhappy customers share their experiences online so expect to encounter both good and bad reviews. Ask friends and family as well for recommendations.  These information will give you a better idea of what to expect and help your judgment as to which AC service company to hire.


  1. Check prices and compare.

Again, there is a long list of AC service company in Dubai and after all the research and checking you’ve done, you shouldn’t be contracting the first company on your list. Talk to three or more AC service companies then compare their quotes and the notes you’ve gathered about them. Great services shouldn’t cost you a small fortune, but be wary of really cheap ones too.


Now that we’ve listed their qualifications, let’s narrow down your choices by asking the AC service company with specific questions:


1. What services are included in your quote?

It’s important to be direct and clear about what’s included in the package. An honest service provider will be very transparent about the price and the services covered to expect. It’s frustrating when you hire services for a fixed package only to discover hidden costs when you get billed. Ask the representative of any AC service company from the initial phone call or visit for a breakdown of what services are covered in their quote. This will give you the correct information to make an informed choice.


2. Do You have insurance to cover accidents?

Oftentimes, no matter how careful people are, accidents happen especially in the workplace. Ensure that the people from the AC service company of your choice have insurance coverage.  You wouldn’t want to be responsible for medical or accidental costs should a freak accident happens while servicing your home or someone gets injured on your property. People that will be working on your property should have basic insurance that covers general liability issues and workman’s compensation. Don’t hesitate to ask for your own peace of mind.


3. Are you licensed to operate?

Never deal with an unlicensed companies. Any reputable AC service company in Dubai should be registered and has a business license to operate in Dubai. Dealing with licensed companies ensures that you’re dealing with professionals and you’re get a high-quality service. If the company seems to be avoiding the question or cannot validate that they are operating legally, ditch it.


4. If the problem recurs immediately after service, do they have warranty ?

Again, AC is one appliance at home that you do not want to malfunction, especially on summer time. However, what will happen if immediately after servicing, the problem recurs?  Before deciding on which the AC service company you will hire, check if their service has a warranty and the period of time when they will provide repairs free of charge.  You’re unit shouldn’t break down every week if it’s done correctly. Or at least, they should be able to tell you why a breakdown is forthcoming soon again and give you advice and recommendations to avoid or minimize breakdowns. In this region, and in the coming summer, know you’re options ahead before you’re left with no AC.



It might seem it requires a lot of work to choose the right AC Service Company in Dubai to hire, however, these steps are necessary to ensure you have a reliable service provider for your AC at home and at work.  Fortunately, there are things to-do and errands that we can take a shorter and easier route to get done like looking for a licensed, professional, and realible AC service company in the UAE with the Khidmeh App.


The Khidmeh App is a newly launched mobile application for the UAE residents where you can choose from a long list of service providers for AC maintenance and repairs, as well as various household errands. It is a platform that will connect users with a pool of verified service providers in just one marketplace. Through the app, you will be able to choose the price that suits your budget and book a time at your convenience with the service provider of your choice.

So, if you’re looking for the most reliable AC Service Company in the UAE, go download the app now!

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