How to Choose an Interior Designer

How to Choose an Interior Designer

How to Choose an Interior Designer

Whether you’re moving into a new homestead or freshening up obsolete decor, an interior designer may be your best buddy. While you might think interior designers just work with the wealthy and famous, that could not be any further from the truth. You can review and hire an interior designer to develop and perform a whole project, or just bring one in to assist you with smaller projects.

Selecting an interior designer

You can employ an interior designer to get information and to help with things like paint colour selection, lighting, fabric sourcing, furniture shopping or space preparation. Hiring an interior designer in an”as needed” basis can help you save money and gives you the latitude to follow your eyesight when making the ideal space for you and your family.

Do your research before turning the design over to a stranger!

Now that going ahead to hire an interior designer, you need to understand the process involved in choosing the perfect one for your individual project.

Where To Look

Establishing the phone book or doing a fast internet search isn’t the ideal approach for finding an interior designer.

Find Interior Designs That Talk With You.

You can visit show homes or designer model houses in your area and choose a design that speaks to your design sensibilities. Thumb through local style magazines and find a room that matches your design style. Find out who’s in charge of the look and jot down their name.

Ask Friends for Suggestions. If your neighbor, friend or anyone else for that matter had professional design help, find out about their experiences and contact the interior designer should you get positive feedback.

Choosing an interior designer

If this is the first experience picking an interior designer, you might want to employ one which is professionally accredited. Most should have some form of qualification so you should ask a little about their background and experience first.

Certification ensures your designer is going to have successfully completed all essential education and experience prerequisites. They will also be familiar with local building codes and project direction if your job requires building and subcontractors.

If your job is small or you do not feel the necessity to hire an accredited interior designer, then start looking into interior decorators in your area that meet your own needs, budget and taste. Interior decorators could be sourced much in the same way as interior designers. Some belong to professional institutions which also offer referral services.

Create Your Budget

Based on the requirements and needs of your job, you must ascertain a working budget. This is an amount which should be discussed and agreed beforehand with an interior designer. Some designers don’t work with smaller projects/budgets, so this will help you eliminate some candidates right away.

Interior designer budget

Ascertain a working budget prior to calling any inside designers. 

Also, be aware that some artists will charge by the hour for your first consultation. Sometimes that charge is going to likely be rolled into the purchase price of this job, just make sure to get all the relevant information before placing appointments with potential designers.


Typically there are several payment structures to choose:

  • Fixed or flat rate.
  • Hourly rate.
  • Cost-plus — a designer will purchase furnishings and materials at price and will mark them up (in a percentage negotiated with the customer ).

Or any combo of the above.

Style Factors

Another item you need to take into account is your own personal style. When you discuss your decor tastes using an interior designer, you must be very precise about exactly what it is you like and don’t like.


What’s your personal design style?

A good interior designer should be able to place their personal style on the back burner and concentrate solely on your project. As a general rule of thumb, avoid designers that have a signature look — unless, of course, that seem meshes with your layout taste.

Personal interior design style

The perfect approach to finding out about a designer’s design and range would be to ask to look at their portfolio. If you don’t connect to any of the designer’s work, it’s time to move on to another designer.

Communication Is Key

Although you’re trusting the instincts and experience of an interior designer to create the perfect space for you, you ought to have the ability to communicate what you want in your house. If you’re not happy with the designers choices, make sure you let them know!

Whether it is something as abstract as designing management or as specific as wall colour; you need to know that you are able to convey how you feel and your needs to your designer. Before you pick an interior designer, you may want to put together a record comprising images from magazines of preferred room designs, private travel photographs, furniture pieces, fabrics, lighting, etc., which express your design aesthetic.

Communicate with your interior designer

Become acquainted with interior paint colours by seeing the home improvement centre and picking up colour chips that you enjoy. Likewise, see a couple of furniture stores and snap photographs of furniture pieces that match your design vision. And it probably would not hurt to become knowledgeable about industry jargon, and that means you aren’t caught unawares when conversing with your own designer.

Do not neglect to have a list of your current furniture and other items so that you can determine which pieces you want to incorporate into your new layout.


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