Khidmeh App: An Introduction To A Mobile App Delivering Services To The Hands of Millions

An intro to the Khidmeh app

Khidmeh App has been able to recognize that people often live through their mobile phones, when it comes to planning social events, paying bills, staying in touch with their loved ones, and purchasing things.  People now do all of these with ease by just using their phones.


Since people now do things with their mobile phones making everything easier for them, why not also be able to get in touch with different service providers without having to search tirelessly for them? That is what the Khidmeh App is all about – to deliver a wide range of services to millions of people in the UAE. With Khidmeh App, look for the service provider you need while at the comforts of your home because now, all the services you need is just a click away.


As long as you are in the UAE, you don’t have to bother what service providers you want to hire. If you are ever in need of a service, Khidmeh App can get you in contact with highly professional service providers. The Khidmeh service provider app knows exactly what you need and ensures you have all the services you might need when you need them.

Khidmeh App


When it comes to every service you could possibly need, you can find it all on the Khidmeh service provider app because our goal is to deliver different services to the hands of millions.

The services you can find on Khidmeh App include:

  • MOVING SERVICE: If you are in need of professional movers, you can just get on the service provider app and get professionals that will do the packing and moving of your personal items, furniture, and luggage safely and easily. You basically don’t have to do anything. 
  • ELECTRONICS SERVICE: The Khidmeh App puts you in contact with professional electronic technicians that can handle a wide range of electronic repair and maintenance services in the UAE. If you are ever in need of repairs and maintenance of your mobile phones, printer, laptop, computer, game console etc., all you have to do is get on the Khidmeh App. 
  • CCTV SERVICE: Whenever you are in need of professionals that will help in the installation of CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras for your security and safety, Khidmeh App have you covered.  Access a long list of professionals that you can choose from. 
  • PAINTING SERVICE: When it’s time for you to redecorate, just get on Khidmeh App to find a painting supplier that will take the burden from you and deliver to you a quick, clean, and efficient job. 
  • ELECTRICAL SERVICE: In electrical works, safety comes first. Leave it to the experts to handle.  Professional electricians available through the Khidmeh App will replace sockets or install electrical wirings for you.   
  • PEST CONTROL SERVICE: For quick, effective general pest control and management services, the Khidmeh service provider app will connect you with professionals that will help you eliminate pest infestation. 
  • PLUMBING SERVICE: Get connected with a pool of trusted plumbers you can choose from to help fix pipes and faucet leaks, clogged drains and toilers, water heaters, and shower installations, or any other plumbing needs, quick and easy. 
  • APPLIANCES SERVICE: Home appliances repair and maintenance of washing machine, fridge, or LCD/LED/plasma TVs are never this convenient.  Get help from professional technicians to your doorstep through the Khidme App. 
  • CARPENTRY SERVICE: For all your custom carpentry, remodeling requirements, and any other general home or office repairs, the Khidmeh service provider app brings before you certified carpenters that will pay close attention to every detail of your project when hired. 
  • LAUNDRY SERVICE: If you are in need of professional laundry and dry cleaning services, Khidmeh App will get you professionals that will handle your clothes with care right from when it was picked up to delivery. 
  • DESIGN SERVICE: Khidmeh service provider app has proven to be a definitive resource for interior designers, architects, and other design consultants. Get innovative and creative professional designers to help you create a beautiful and healthier living space for you and your family. 
  • AC SERVICE: Get on the Khidmeh app to be in contact with highly qualified technicians that will help to install your AC, provide you with repairs and any other maintenance services you need to ensure your AC runs perfectly. 
  • DELIVERY SERVICE: The Khidmeh service provider app has a wide range of pickup and delivery services in Dubai. Khidmeh App has made it easier and faster to suit any of your requirements. 
  • CAR WASH SERVICE: In using the service provider app you will get highly efficient service providers that will wash your car carefully and thoroughly ensuring your car looks spotlessly clean. 
  • LANDSCAPE SERVICE: With the Khidmeh service provider app, you will find the best landscape designers that can make your gardens look beautiful and give it an elegant well-shaped look. 
  • CLEANING SERVICE: When it comes to cleaning, you can use the service provider app to book professional cleaning services that you find suitable for your needs in Dubai.
  • CAR RECOVERY SERVICE: When you get stranded somewhere, you don’t have to worry too much with Khidmeh App. Access a long list of service providers for your car recovery, towing, and roadside assistance requirements, anytime and anywhere within the UAE. 
  • VIS (VERY INSTANT SERVICE): Need help really quickly?  All you have to do is get on the Khidmeh app, click on “VIS” and you’ll get connected to a service provider instantly.  No need to post a job, wait for bids, and go through a long list of providers to choose from. This feature is very useful when you urgently need something done.


Khidmeh App aims to deliver different services to the hands of millions of people in the UAE right in their doorstep.  All you have to do is download the Khidmeh App, log in, and post your requirement to find the service provider you need.


The Khidmeh service provider app is quite easy to use:

  1. Download the Kidhmeh App to your mobile.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Check the list of services available.
  4. Select the service you need.
  5. Post a job and wait for bids from service providers.
  6. Then choose the service provider that fits your requirements and budget.

So What’s Next?

When it comes to delivering different services to the hands of millions, the Khidmeh service provider app has set the records of being a mobile app that can do just that. If you are in the UAE and in need of a service, just get on the service provider app and you’ll be in contact with different service providers that can do your household errands for you. Book a service provider with ease and save your time.


Download the app now to start speaking with our vendors and get bids on the jobs that you need doing today!

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