Khidmeh: The Newest Service Mobile App In Town

Khidmeh the new app in town

Khidmeh App: The Newest hAPPenning in Dubai

We all know just how strenuous it can get looking for a service provider in Dubai.  Additionally, when you finally found one, it turns out the service provider doesn’t meet your standards and expectations.  As such, we at Khidmeh developed a solution for thousands of household consumers.  Introducing Khidmeh App, the UAE’s first service bidding mobile app, the newest happening in Dubai.


Khidmeh is the newest service provider app being introduced in Dubai to help cover your household errands for you. The app provides an avenue for you to reach a pool of service providers to choose from at the comfort of your home with ease. The mobile app eliminates the need for endless online search to connect with the right service provider.  Stop wasting time searching and bartering with service providers who can’t actually meet your requirements. The Khidmeh App will connect you to a pool of vendors who offer good prices, and actually do the job the way you want it without wasting a minute of your time.


The roster of service providers from the Khidmeh App are highly trained and licensed to render the services you require. We don’t just get you in contact with different service providers; we will connect you with verified industry professionals. Khidmeh App is the UAE’s first service-bidding marketplace that offers all the services for your household right at your fingertip. When you need it and wherever you need it.

The Khidmeh App Benefits Both Users and Providers In More Ways Than One.


  • Benefits of Khidmeh

    Time And Cost-efficient: The Khidmeh App understands just how precious your time is. With the Khidmeh App, you can get a wide range of home errands done, instead of wasting time on endless online searches for the service providers you want to hire. Khidmeh App gives you access to reliable service providers and you all have to do is choose the best amongst the best.

  • Real Time Services: Nobody likes being stood up and Khidmeh understands that. When you use Khidmeh App, you get zero-chance of booking an overbooked service provider. You can speak directly with a vendor, in real time, and book a time that suits you best. Thus, ensuring you the service you need when you need it. We also guarantee that every job posted will be undertaken.
  • Very Helpful In Times of Emergency: The Khidmeh App understands that there are some errands that can’t wait longer and they need to be done instantly. So we found a solution for times like this through our Very Instant Service feature.  No need to post a job and wait for bids.  Simply choose the VIS (very instant service) service and you will get connected to a service provider instantly.
  • User-friendly Interface: You don’t have to be a tech genius to use the Khidmeh App. No manual instructions needed to understand how it works. Khidmeh was developed and designed for easy navigation and ease of use.  Simple, easy, and straightforward. It’s meant to make life convenient for you after all.
  • Verified Service Providers: Now the beauty of using Khidmeh App is that it only partners with service providers that are well-trained, experienced, trustworthy, verified, and licensed in their field of expertise. Khidmeh ensures that we’ve done all the background checking of every service providers on your behalf.
  • Freedom to choose your preferred service provider: Khidmeh doesn’t just have a list of services offered, but also a long list of service providers for each service category, which is to say that you will surely find a service provider that you find comforting. This gives you not only the freedom to choose a provider that suits your budget but also one that fits your requirements best.


  • Gain a Lot, Lose Nothing: Meet your targeted number of buyers to meet your daily quota without spending anything. The app opens up a connection between service providers and their potential and ready-to-buy customers all over the UAE. This is why every vendor to register under Khidmeh has a lot to gain and nothing to lose.
  • Maximize Your Sales: Create a new line of targeted buyers and expand your database because you will be positioned in the direction of the right audience that requires your services.
  • Spend Zero-Dirham on Marketing: As a service provider, you know just how important marketing helps to bring buyers to you.  With Khidmeh App, you don’t need to worry about marketing.  We’ll take care of that. The best part, you spend nothing on marketing.
  • Get Included in the Premium Listing: When you are a premium service provider, you will be able to get bids to work for buyers that are fully ready to hire you. You will have more time to focus on your business and helping people who want their job done without delay.
  • Obligation-free: Connect with buyers and increase your customer base without you having to follow the demands other applications have. All Khidmeh wants is for your business to grow, not the other way around.



When it comes to how the bidding and payment system works it’s not complicated, everything is just straightforward.

For the bidding, all a user have to do is “post a job” for a particular service. The service providers get a live “notification” of a posting relating to their service which they can bid for the job post then. Now the user then gets to choose the best bid or the service provider he/she wants to hire. After the job is done, the service provider gets paid.



Life is busy and taking care of all those little jobs (or even the big ones) can be a hassle. Searching for and dealing with vendors can be problematic so we’ve made it simple for everyone. Instead of spending long hours on the internet looking for the right service provider to hire, Khidmeh App has already done all of that for you.  All you have to do now is choose from our list of highly qualified service providers. You’re only moments away from speaking with hundreds of vendors right now. It’s free to use and simple to operate.


Download now and check off your to-do list today!

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