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Maximize your sales
Create a new targeted buyers pipeline, your buys are around and khidmeh app will make sure to put you in front of the right audience in the right time to close the deal. On top of the sales that are coming in, you can bid on other jobs to maximize your sales.
No Marketing Needed
Khidmah team will market your business so you do not need to invest any money into marketing. So you got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.
What Do You Gain?
Inclusion in our
Premium listing

Khidmeh’s premium service providers get to bid on work from ready to buy buyers in real time. No more wasted time on quotations for people who are just shopping. More time for you to focus your business efforts on doing what you do best for the people who want the job done now.

Free set up by our
technical experts

Simple and easy to get going. Khidmeh technical experts will take care of the set up for you. No fuss.  Just start bidding immediately.

A massive pool of potential
ready to buy customers

Multiple bids on projects at the same time. You’re not limited to the amount of work you can bid for or win. Take as many jobs as you can handle.


Connect and grow your customer base without having to accept the platform demands that other applications have. We aim to help you grow, not tie you down. More importantly, there is no joining fee. Yes, it’s totally FREE.

No hidden costs involved

We love colours but do business in black in white, and hate all shades of grey.

Vendor Login & Live Updates

Put your best foot forward with vendor login spaces and profiles designed specifically for your business and live updates and chat within the app so you can speak in real-time with your customers and never miss out on a job.

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Business Developer

“This is huge  jump in UAE’S service market, as a  business developer this app will give us a new pipeline of hot hot leads ready to be closed.”

Tony Williams
Business Owner

“Connecting directly with customers and creating a relationship with them has helped us grow our business in ways we weren’t able to before.”

You Have nothing To Lose But A Lot To Gain!

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If you have any more questions please email us on info@khidmeh.com

The service is completely free. There is no registration charge, application or set up fee. Khidmeh is a free service to use for vendors. We take a small percentage on any work completed and any further questions on this can be answered by our customer service team.

As a vendor, you will have your own dashboard and app. You will be able to get notifications for work set in your profile, based upon your industry and skill sets. A list of projects will appear and you can simply bid on the jobs you want to work on.

Absolutely NOT! The whole process is designed to be as quick and simple as possible for everyone, even the least tech savvy of your team. As ever your feedback is welcome for improvements. The more you use, the better the app gets.

Once you have registered one of our team will reach out to help get you set up. You will need a few basic business documents to be part of the app, such as your business license and trade license. Our team will confirm exactly what you need when setting you up.

This is entirely up to you. You set the prices for work and the more work you undertake, the more you earn. Khidmeh does take a commission on completed work, of which our team will update you on the prices. We never tell you what to charge and our commission is fixed so the more you earn, the more you keep.

As with every business, you are liable to pay VAT, however this is worked out through our backend system and will be applied to your account. For more info on this, please email the email at info@khidmeh.com